IGNOU CIT, BCA, MCA Term End Practical Date-Sheet July 2012

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) announced CIT, BCA & MCA term end practical date sheet for June/july 2012 session. you are requested to contact your Regional Director for getting the information related to the batch and time etc. In order to be eligible for appearing at the practical examination the students are required to  have 70% attendance in MCSL-016, 017, 025, 036, 045 and 054 and 75% attendance in the rest of the lab courses. In the case of CIT candidates, those who have attended atleast 12 out of 18 practical counseling sessions in CITL-001 are only eligible to appear for the Term-end Practical Examination.
Course Code  : Date of Exam
1. CITL-001    : 10-July-2012
2. MCSL-025  : 11-July-2012
3. MCSL-036  : 12-July-2012
4. MCSL-016  : 13-July-2012
5. MCSL-017  : 14-July-2012
6. MCSL-045  : 15-July-2012
7. MCSL-054  : 16-July-2012
8. CS-611       : 17-July-2012
9. BCSL-013  : 18-July-2012
10.BCSL-021 : 19-July-2012
11.BCSL-022 : 20-July-2012
12.CS-62        : 21-July-2012
13.CS-63        : 22-July-2012
14.CS-65        : 23-July-2012
15.CS-67        : 24-July-2012
16.CS-68        : 25-July-2012
17.BCS-061   : 26-July-2012
18.CS-72        : 27-July-2012
19.CS-74        : 28-July-2012

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